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This is the DOCS Portion from the HOLO-TAB 3200 device.

Welcome to Holo-Tab[edit | edit source]

Featuring a holographic display surface for extra portability and versatility, Holo-Tab 3000 is the latest in tablet technology. Holo-Tab automatically scans and translates text written in over 800 languages. In addition, this device may be used to compose and store mission log entries. (ISSA Document 004-PDA)

Oxygen Supply Vehicle[edit | edit source]

Oxygen Supply Vehicle model 8A. These supply vehicles will be sent to the planet three days in advance of the landing party to provide for longer excursions on the planet's surface. However, because unmanned probes have determined the planet is rich with life and oxygen levels on the planet are at near-Earth levels, these supply vehicles may not be needed. (ISSA Document S44-JB)

Director's Report 25.06.1978[edit | edit source]

There are no words to emphasize my pride as I begin our experiments here on this new world. When they described the Green Fire to me, it sounded artificial, like something drawn in an animation. To imagine I would lay my eyes on a world so colorful-I am overwhelmed by its beauty. And now, we begin a difficult journey to cultivate this place in the name of the Motherland.

The governments of the west call our intentions aggressive. They do not believe in the sovereignty that is our Soviet Union. But we have seen so many victories. We repelled Germany's aggression in our glorious rise to power, and fought with valor to spread the Communist ideal to other broken nations. But what we accomplish here will drive the Soviet Union ahead of the entire world without ever firing a shot. We will power the entire Soviet Union with what we learn here. And I am the one who will lead us to victory.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Lab Security Code Part B[edit | edit source]

Second half of code for access to southern laboratory: 549

In keeping with security protocol, this portion of the security code must be kept separate from other half of code.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Things I Miss[edit | edit source]

Life has gotten very hard here. I want to go home so much. My brother said I should make a list of things I miss about home. I smile when I think about these things. Hopefully we'll be able to go back very soon!

Things I Miss from Home:

Babushka's Samovar
Fresh Bread

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Lab Security Code Part A[edit | edit source]

First half of code for access to southern laboratory: 331

In keeping with security protocol, this portion of the security code must be kept separate from other half of code.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Final Report[edit | edit source]

Three nights ago I managed to barricade myself in the room With any luck they won't be able to get in here. Of course all I've done is lock myself into my own tomb. I realize that i am near the end. The calls from the other posts have dwindled over the last two days. It's been hours since anyone has responded. I've made peace with the idea of my death, but I wish I didn't have to face it alone.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Lab Report 322: Virus[edit | edit source]

The virus is spreading faster now. All our efforts to contain it have so farm been futile. We haven't given up hope, however, and my colleagues are working tirelessly. We are not dealing with terrestrial species, and thus there is so much we don't know. The challenge is so great, and yet we will prevail. We MUST prevail!

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Lab Report 394: Patient 23[edit | edit source]

Amazing! With each test we run her samples appear more promising. I will log more details later-- there simply isn't time right now.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Director's Report 12.08.1978[edit | edit source]

Despite the hesitations of our scientists, I increased the kW output of our electrical generators by two hundred percent without any noticeable environmental reaction. The reproductive rate of the moss-like species we call the ‘Green Fire‘ appears to be quite high, and we theorize that it must also serve as a source of nutrients for the other plant life on the planet. To alleviate the concerns of the scientists, I have returned the generators to normal output, but the result [illegible]... find myself wondering if the abundance of power is not in and of itself, a deterrent of warfare? Would our enemies lower their weapons if they knew our reactors would never power down? What level of accomplishment would they feel in their flag on the moon if all they could see looking back at the Earth was the continuous glow of the mighty Soviet Union? Nuclear weapons seem like the clubs of barbarians compared to the scientific potential we have seen here.

More families are arriving to be with the men. Our society blossoms into an extension of the motherland-a NEW motherland! This is what the great writers of our age must have felt while regarding their creations. Perfection.

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Report 92b: Robotic Arm[edit | edit source]

The Mobile Robotic Arm is finally working! We discovered that traditional batteries were rendered inoperable within proximity of the structures. Then a junior technician suggested we use the Green Fire itself as a power source for the arm. After weeks of work, we finally succeeded. The arm actually draws power from the structures-a perfect solution to the impasse!

(Auto-Translated from Russian)

Report 71: Incredible Power[edit | edit source]

We were fortunate when we arrived in that this planet was not dependent on us to develop its resources into usable power systems. In fact, there was already a network of devices capable of providing all of our power needs-despite the oddity of their appearance and construction-that we quickly claimed as our own. Curiously, though, the control systems to activate these devices appeared to be designed for a very tall being, much larger than a human or anything else we've encountered since our arrival.

Regardless, our brilliant engineers quickly devised a creative robotic solution. With this mechanical arm, we are able to reach great heights, enabling us to operate the requisite components without requiring architectural solutions to accomplish the same feat.

Still, the reason for the height of these control systems remains baffling. Were there visitors to this planet before us. or could there really be life beyond the vegetation?

(Auto-Translated from Russian)