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This is the LOG Portion from the HOLO-TAB 3200 device.

Hard Landing[edit | edit source]

My head is foggy. The sound of my breath puffing in my helmet is hollow and distant. It's hard to tell how long I've been unconscious, and I'm worried that I might have a concussion. I wish I could lay back down and rest, see if the pain passes, but the situation is far too critical. To call that a hard landing would be kind. We crashed. Maybe the eggheads miscalculated the trajectory, or maybe we just hit a spell of bad luck. Whatever the case may be, this is not the paradise they described to us back home. There is no lush greenery. There's no sign of life at all.

And where is my Crew? I hope they're just securing a perimeter, and that I was only out for a few minutes. I need to find them, get their status, and figure out just what in the heck happened.

Crap-and I need to do it before I run out of air...

Jetpack Functional[edit | edit source]

Everything about this mission is a disaster so far. The lander took a beating and with it most of the equipment. My suit is functional, but barely. The Jetpack can still put out a single burst which is useful for short jumps. I find I get the most distance when I trigger the burst at the top of my jumps.

No Signs Of Life[edit | edit source]

I was following a trackway left behind by my Crew, but got separated from their trail. Hopefully I can make my way around.

In the meantime, I still can't understand why this planet is barren and lifeless. Our remote observations were conclusive: this planet was rich with life. So...where did it go? Maybe we just dropped in the wrong spot, but initial readings aren't coming up with any trace of biological activity.

A Strange Discovery[edit | edit source]

For 15 years, I hung in cryo like a bag of forgotten frozen vegetables. That's what they said, anyway. They played us real good with that story they spun. Another planet, suitable for housing human life? Can't believe I fell for it.

I actually have to compliment them on the lack of oxygen-that's a really nice touch. Of course, they probably just tampered with the meters. I bet I could take off my helmet right now. Is that what this is? A test to see how long it takes us to break protocol? I'm not some rocket jockey kid playing at being an astronaut. What in the world is the point of all this, and where did they take my Crew?!

Need to stay calm. My head is still spinning from the crash. Probably need a doctor. I bet they think that's funny, too...

Shallow Graves[edit | edit source]

Discovered a collection of makeshift graves outside The Town. Whatever (and wherever) this place is, it seems things didn't end well for the inhabitants.

Research Facility[edit | edit source]

I've found my way into some sort of Research Facility. Came across the skeletal remains of one of the former lab worker. Documents nearby indicate the Russians built some sort of portal system that lead here (though I'm still not certain where "here" is). This place appears to be a colony. Like they weren't fully established before something went wrong.

A Vision of Home[edit | edit source]

My mind is playing tricks on me. I thought for a moment I was back on Earth. After the hallucination passed I found a human trackway leading out of the underground facility. The footprints glow green for reasons I can't explain. I took some samples but haven't had time to analyze. The footprints seem to lead out of the facility so for now I'm going to follow them, but with caution.

Mining Operation[edit | edit source]

I've located an abandoned mining operation. The rocks here appear to share the same phosphorescent properties of the human footprints I'm following. I suspect there's some radiation involved here. Not sure if this area is safe so I'm moving on, following the green footprints as best I can.

Jetpacking[edit | edit source]

My Jetpack sure wasn't made for low-gravity jumping, but it does help me across larger gaps. I've found the trick is to space out the jet bursts for maximum distance. If I repeat the bursts too quickly it just uses up the charge before it has time to recover...and I don't get very high.

Now I have to decide if I want to go back down below for the easy jump, or take the exciting (and dangerous) route from here...

Power Structures[edit | edit source]

I've come across what appears to be a power station of some sort. An array of Tesla coils surrounds a mysterious monolithic structure. The entire apparatus seems to draw it's power from a glowing green rock inside the monolith which levitates and pulses with energy.

Crew Confirmed Dead[edit | edit source]

Both my crew mates are now confirmed dead. It seems this planet is not lifeless after all. A deadly life form lingers below the surface of the planet. The woman seems to avoid their traps somehow. I will try to use this to my advantage, following her tracks as best as possible.

Footprints[edit | edit source]

The tracks are my guide, a delicate female footprint offering me subtle comfort as I press on into the unknown. Strangely, it's not always effective. I seem to lose the tracks in rocky areas, of which there are plenty. In the right light, though, I can see where they pick up again to continue my journey.

An analysis of the soil at the point of contact suggests that there is something organic reacting to the person-or the thing, whatever she is-making the tracks The faded glow is haunting-unsettling marks on the earth that make me recall nuclear propaganda films. I'm trying not to worry about the idea that with every step my body is being irradiated beyond repair.