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Power Station

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Arriving to the 'Power Station you'll discover the Mobile Robotic Arm which will help you up ahead. You'll need to enable the elevator switch, and cross the platform, at which you'll arrive at another elevator, this one however you'll need to power with the Mobile Robotic Arm, by hitting Gamepad (Y) or M. You'll need to move the energy rock into the hole, which will allow access to the elevator. Up and over, and you'll find more Dynamite to blow the barrels out of the way, enabling you to cross over the Chasm on another elevator shaft. Once you follow the path up, you'll arrive at a large green door. To open the door you'll need to open the combination lock with your Mobile Robotic Arm, by pressing bottom, left bottom middle and top middle, in that order. Once inside you'll arrive at the Wasteland.